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Friday’s Memo – Cutting the Cable

Posted in Friday's Memo, television with tags , , , , on May 29, 2009 by Patrick Rowe

This week Broadcast Newsroom Computing reported on three screens information consumers will use for access.  Consumers are savvy and younger ones even more so.  They’re re-evaluating what is required to accommodate their lives.

Questions:  Do you wear a watch?  Do you use a smart phone?  Do you need two sources of time especially when one is automatically synced to an Atomic Clock?

Answering yes to questions one and two logically means the answer to three is no.  Christopher Lawton writing for the Wall Street Journal reports “More Households Cut the Cord on Cable.”  The market is changing and free sources of video or television abound.  Viewing on PC monitors and mobile phones has yet to really take off but Lawton writes ‘They’re also watching Internet-connected TV sets, paying a basic high-speed Internet fee of about $45, as well as set-top boxes from companies like Netflix Inc.”

Every platform is unable to offer everything the consumer wants so users come up with extremely creative ways to fulfill their needs.  I believe the consumer will pay for what is truly desired and needed.

The task is understanding the desires and necessities are extremely varied and rich and morphed. 

Broadcast Newsroom Computing intends to continue to examine at least one topic a week for this labor of love.  This is the last Friday’s Memo but we’ll have a report at least once a week and if resources permit more.

We appreciate your readership and hope you have always been able to take something away each time you visit BNC. 

We’re cutting back on the companion blog Journalism as well.  A hyper-local journalism experiment we’ve begun, that seems to have grown on us like Ivy plants, and the business of Rowe and Company, LLC are taking precedent. 

However, we promise at least one post a week on each blog.  We consider this a knowledge sharing forum and we intend to  offer a lot of what we learn in this forum for free.

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