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Professional Services for Broadcast News Operations

Professional services from Rowe and Company, LLC include newsroom computing, file based workflow design, project management, United States election preparedness and remoted administration for Avid’s workgroups enterprise systems for video production.

First Call 24/7 Managed Service has two remote systems administration Service Level Agreements.

First Call 24/7 Managed Service for Avid Interplay/Unity Systems  First Call 24/7 Managed for iNEWS NRCS

First Call 24/7 Managed Services SLAs offer four levels of service.

Rowe and Company goes beyond traditional managed services to offer basic, plus, total and consultative levels of agreement.  We offer you the opportunity to design a service level that fulfills your specific needs.

First Call 24/7 Managed Services cover news production from lens to screen with Avid newsroom computer system and Workgroups 4 and 5.

Get the full details of all R&C Professional Services in this presentation.

Our mission is greater than Avid Workgroups and NRCS so our solutions architect, Dennis Glenn and founder, James Rowe develop file based news production workflows for digital rights management; as close as you can get today.

We use your current technology to design workflows delivering the information your newsroom requires in the software interface familiar to the user.   Our design includes newsroom systems, graphics and video production.  No other service includes all phases of news production.

Remote systems administration and file based workflow design require more to be complete.  R&C’s certified project managers assist with your technology plans and requirements.

We use international standards to help you guide purchases and implementation to completion in the time you demand and at costs you require.  Our certifications in the solution sales and mastery of project management eliminate vendor bias in making media technology decisions and honestly take into account your budgets, time constraints and production demands.

In the United States elections technology usually causes a flurry of activity in the newsroom and operations trying to keep up with demands of civics reporting.  Staff reductions and cost decreases often fail to account for such coverage.

Rowe and Company delivers an Election Preparedness service using international project management standards to guide journalists and news ops to success on election night.  R&C Election Preparedness ensures confidence your elections technology is a ready as humanly possible on election night when the results reporting demands accuracy.  We have decades of experience in news and elections reporting and management.

Our professional services deliver relief your staff needs and confidence and peace of mind your media technology is as ready as humanly possible.

We save costs and boost efficiency and quality of service to the newsroom and operations.

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