Broadcast Newsroom Computing – What’s Up


This is a forum for open discussion of all issues, concerns and praises broadcast journalists have for tools they use, whether camera, workstation, notebook computer, server, software or Internet.

The moderators, Rowe and Company, are consultants who want Broadcast Newsroom Computing to be a place of sharing information.  The colors are dark here but sunlight is what BCN asks for in unbridled, open, unbiased, and all inclusive fashion.  We invite all involved in digital news production to come here for information and education.

Rowe and Company shares here.  We hope others we invite and those who come here to participate will share as well.  R&C wishes this to be an absolutely public place where professionalism is honored and respect for each other comes first.  The truth is also important because it is a priority here.  Legal advisors would say “negative comments are disallowed unless they are true.” My decades as a journalist, constantly staring in the face of the justice system, taught me truth is difficult to prove; so tread lightly lest you slander.

As high minded as it sounds Rowe and Company believes when you’re first of a kind you must be open and honest and set the standard for those who follow; noblesse oblige.  Such is the standard Broadcast Newsroom Computing desires.

Join BCN, please, in working to make broadcast and digital news production better and more serving of the audience.

Patrick Rowe

Managing Partner

Rowe and Company


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