Law and Order for Social Media

Social media audiences are growing and aging reports the Pew Research Center’s Pew Internet project. The law and order crowd is growing at double the rate of older users involved with online social networks last year. The attention given social media in traditional media in the past year grew as much from my observation. So, do you know who the audience is? It’s a significant question given the latest research and fresh changes.

A previous post on Broadcast Newsroom Computing announced free one day online meetings for social media planning to explore methods to control images, brands and digital lives. The slide presentation from the webinars evolves into an eBook – “Secrets of Social Media Planning.” The new eBook is posted online. The eBook “Secrets of Social Media Planning” is the companion to the whitepaper “Social Media Simplified” and the video short “Social Media Thinking.” All are posted online.

Here’s the video:

The eBook, whitepaper and brief video are recommended to media organizations searching for simple rules to planning and governing use of social networks and new media technologies. Often myriad new technologies frustrate planners. The free eBook and companion paper bring some order to the development process.

The eBook is an easy, informative and entertaining read. The whitepaper is straight forward with some different sources. The video short is simply a nice respite.

Be social and share the eBook, whitepaper and video with family, friends and associates. Get everyone thinking about professional and beneficial uses of social media. Let’s use the new tools to improve everyone’s life.

In a fun style the eBook promotes simple rules for law and order among vast online social networks and overwhelming number of new media technologies. Mobile telephones and entertainment devices connect users to the Internet and family, friends and associates more immediately and persistently than ever. The always connected nature is changing all forms of media. Click here to answer our Polldaddy question – do you know who your audience?  You can always comment here, too.

Online social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn alter ways friends and family interact. So perhaps a few simple laws are in order to keep everything civil and to make best use of new technologies and new ways people communicate.


James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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