Verify Even If You Trust

A news executive looking for a throat to throttle about a calamitous technology failure asked me how anyone could permit such a threat to their news programming.  I had been responsible for cleaning up one the worst sales processes I personally experienced in all my years consulting enterprise solutions. The television group had become victim of their own bargain shopping, untrustworthy sales representatives and unskilled support.

Group executives negotiating the sale had abused the account representatives and the reps were ignorant of their own products. The failure of trust extended beyond the frontline though. It began internally with the vendor and carried through the sales presentation to implementation.  A number of self-proclaimed experts within the station group and on the vendor’s side had weighed in on problems frustrating implementation.  All had fallen short of resolving complications and providing the vice-president of news confidence in the new production process.

The only resolution to the predicament was solid advice and ability to demonstrate or verify information provided.  We cleaned up the mess but failed to restore credence.

FUD as it known to sales people, or to the rest of us fear, uncertainty and doubt, is accepted as part of business competition.  In my opinion the only way around such a dysfunction is good information.  Broadcast Newsroom Computing strives to be a trustworthy source and we believe we’ve discovered another credible reference.  Devoncroft Partners Big Broadcast Survey is a useful tool in monitoring technology winning attention of television competitors.  The BBS is an annual international study of broadcast technology buying.  A quick study on the survey is offered by TVNewsCheck’s interview with Joe Zaller, a Devoncroft principal.

I learned from several engineering chiefs, I’ve worked with in my career, knowing how adversaries use technology is one of the best ways to verify or debunk marketing propaganda offered by so many dealers.  The Devoncroft blog is a useful source in that effort.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing next attempts to fathom the broadband brouhaha.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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