Managing the Inevitable

Change is the only constant in my humble opinion. Managing evolution is a life requirement. Broadcast newsrooms are affected by an ecosystem in flux. The greenbay pressgazette website attempts to explain developments in a recent report.

The Wisconsin website took a parochial view of changes in television advertising. The pressgazette reporting underscores the requirement for local content production. Media executives are learning again the old adage of everything is local. The post suggests the recession and new media competition drives recent change.

Economics and competition fuel lowering of costs and a push for new technology. Steve Myer, president of the Karma Group in Green Bay, Wisconsin is quoted in the pressgazette.

"There are a lot of companies out there that are wasting their money on television advertising simply because they are buying it the way they did 10 years ago.”

Time for decision makers to take control and steer change facing business growth. We will learn new techniques as models are developed and we’ll learn some of the basic tenants long forgotten in public service still apply to new media and media fragmentation. Many of the challenges reported in recent research are issues I remember from decades ago working with small media outlets competing against much larger operations.

I believe efforts my colleagues and I made in the old days to promote public service were integral to understanding how our audience lived, spent their money, and consumed media. Today there is an abundance of media available and bountiful platforms for consumption. The consumer is more discerning and less accepting of traditional overtures dictating ways they receive messages.

Technology is as much an engine of change as the economy and competition. Better management of new technology is without question one of the most important steps in taking control of the inevitable constant of change.

Next Broadcast Newsroom Computing reports on all the chatter surrounding mobile DTV.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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