Live Video Production for Less

The annual bash for television and radio executives in the United States is just a few weeks away. Every year broadcasters from around the world flock to Las Vegas, Nevada in the tens of thousands to learn of innovations in technology and services.

There is one booth expected on the huge exhibit floor at the National Association of Broadcasters convention producers of live video for multiple platforms, television and the web, should visit. This post only suggests products to consider.

The competition for advances in media technology has increased especially as the economy has worsened. Major American broadcasters are still laying off workers and restructuring like KCBS in Los Angeles. ABC News is laying off journalists and closing bureaus this year so economic issues persist.

Broadcast Pix makes live video integration technology. Broadcast Pix is obviously targeting broadcasters. However, traditional media purveyors make up a very small portion of their market share according to inside sources. This is the decade of multi-platform and broadcasters require solutions to fit limited budgets. BP recognizes the new order of media production in my opinion.

I respect the view of WRAL-TV chief engineer Pete Sockett. Broadcast Pix quotes him in their marketing material. “… compared to building legacy HD control rooms, the Slate 5000 HD (BP top of line controller) reduces equipment costs by as much as $100,000 per studio because it integrates so many production elements into a single unit.” Sockett refers to a solution that reduces the requirement for control room operators to one.

Broadcast Pix underscores the value of cost savings with its solutions for live video production. BP has wrapped a number of control room tools into a single controller. The products make live video presentation more cost efficient whether for television or the web or closed circuit. The Massachusetts’ based manufacturer claims a 70 % reduction in control room costs with their products.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing next examines innovator in media technology.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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