Live Video, Anywhere and Anytime

The verdict on the ability of average people to broadcast live video from anywhere at any time is still out. Is it competition to commercial broadcasters or a boon for them? What does it mean to democracy? What is the social effect of delivering information and images before they can be analyzed?

There are so many questions to answer but the queries are powerless in holding back opportunities for laymen to broadcast live video over the Internet. Social media adds another layer for purveyors of live streaming video using smart phones and webcams to promote their broadcasts to special interests or to many.

Bambuser lets members use their phones or computers and webcams to present programming at any moment from anywhere they have an Internet connection or access to a smart phone. They can even promote their live streaming broadcasts with Twitter and Facebook.

Ustream is another. The website promotes itself as “the live interactive video broadcast platform that enables anyone with a camera and an Internet connection to quickly and easily broadcast to a global audience of unlimited size.” Ustream founders boast anyone can create their own video channel is less than two minutes.

“Ustream opens up a new world of possibilities and experiences to broadcasters and viewers alike, which the pre-recorded static video that’s predominated the Internet to date just can’t provide.”

Qik is yet another means for anyone to stream live video over the Internet using a smart phone.

“Qik is the easiest way to share every-day life experiences with your friends and family, as they happen.”

The Qik site has, last I checked, five videos on its homepage to explain how the medium can be used.

Each of the three services has features distinguishing one from the other. They all provide live video streams easily promoted to friends through social media including YouTube.

Commercial broadcasters need to study these new services and how their viewers can broadcast on their own. The verdict here can find everyone innocent and able to assist in bringing the world to those most interested in live events of special interest.

Next Broadcast Newsroom Computing presents the United States Federal Communications Commission effort to examine the future of media in the digital age.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


One Response to “Live Video, Anywhere and Anytime”

  1. Matt Hart Says:

    Do you think any real broadcasters could emerge from this, or is it just another channel for silly junk?

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