Video Presented on Paper

Prognosticators of all sorts opine about the new decade. At Broadcast Newsroom Computing we believe their predictions deserve attention.

Let’s start by looking back at Popular Mechanics report on the trends that ruled the past year. We will consider only a few trends. The website notes the rise in the number of movie theatres capable of showing 3D films “mushroomed” to numbers in the thousands last year. Filmmakers now have a greater platform able to reach a larger number of consumers and to forecast profit from their productions. Furthermore 3D television was all the rage at the just ended Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Popular Mechanics wrote “a large line-up of 3D TVs and Blu-ray movies is expected to bring the experience home in 2010.”

PM highlights app stores as the rage with the Apple App Store offering hundreds of thousands of applications for its iPhone. Smartphone platforms like Blackberry, Palm and the new Android all followed with their own app stores. BNC will consider the increase in apps in a future post.

The magazine and website Popular Mechanics delivers a lot of words on the subject of future products. In a year old report “16 Wild Materials You May Find in Future Products” electronic paper is one that jumps out. It’s a technology for a thin flexible display of digital images. The article suggests “the material could be used to create a portable “origami DVD player,” which would unfold to reveal a big screen.”

Why consider these advances in technology? Let’s try to comprehend now how video will be consumed in this new decade. Will we watch 3D movies on fabric we unfold from our pockets in 2020? It’s possible with technologies existing today at the beginning of the decennium.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing, as promised, will next examine apps and what they mean to broadcasting.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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