Christmas Predicts Next Christmas

Prognostication enjoys domain over worst and best lists for the year gone by and trend predictions for the year to come. 2010 marks a new decade so events and lists span ten years. “This Week in Consumer Electronics”  and Steve Smith hold out in Smith’s year end post the past ten was a “digital decade”.

TWICE presents gloom and doom of the pain everyone felt this year but admonishes

“…the industry during the 2000s was more innovative than ever before. And … this 10-year span will be remembered as “the Digital Decade.” CE (Consumer Electronics) migrated from analog to digital, and its transformation created new categories across the board.
Video has always been the industry’s key category, and TV became HD in this decade, also moving from tubes to LCD and plasma flat screens.
Apple in effect reinvented MP3 players with iPod, and digitized music from online services became the rage, disrupting the music industry’s reliance on selling CDs and becoming a major CE brand in the process.”’s  October post references a June story on “Nowism.” The read explains the trend “dubbed ‘NOWISM’, this mega trend has, and will continue to have, a big impact on everything from … corporate culture to customer relationships to product innovation to tactical campaigns.”  trendwatching reviews of “Ten Crucial Consumer Trends for 2010.” reports trendwatching’s advocacy much of American population resides in cities “… and don’t even get us started on the growing consensus that cities could actually be the most sustainable form of human settlement.”

The International Institute for Management Development presents an interesting mash-up to mind map the zeitgeist. Yeah, we go way out there and we should. Begin thinking about consumers and what they might desire this season next year.

Here’s Broadcast Newsroom Computing’s lucky seven websites to cerebrate future consumer electronics and business trends. Start with tips to work from end to beginning:

  1. DigitalTips
  2. DigitalTrends “Best Gadget of 2009: Top Gadgets and Technology Products
  3. Cnet Two way video phone calling
  4. Thirteen Microsoft Milestones in 2009
  5. PC World’s 2009 in Review Microsoft’s Big Year
  6. PC World’s Crazy “2009 in Review: Quotes From the Year’s Most Interesting Tech Leaders and (Lady Gaga).”
  7. Let’s round this year end list of learning with Consumer Electronics Daily News “Best New Products” post.

Guiding providers and producers of rich media and related industries pleads a sense of ultimate spender – consumer direction. BNC hopes we set you on the right path.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing next year checks outs Amazon’s most gifted of the season eBook reader, the Kindle and Apple Computers’ Kindle Killer plans. What does it all mean?

Happy New Year and Prosperity to All

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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