Finally File Based Video Delivery From the Associated Press

All the trade media is buzzing about AP’s announcement of AP Media Port.  However, I’ll save you the arduous search for the news cooperatives own news release on file based video delivery.

The promise is to make it easier for AP video news subscribers to acquire media in formats they’ve standardized on and easily transfer to their file based video production systems.  Most reports I read on the service regurgitate the Associated Press news release as gospel.  Here’s an excerpt quoting the cooperative’s vice-president of business operations.

"By introducing AP Media Port delivery, our clients will find it even easier to integrate AP content into their digital workflows", said Nigel Baker, Vice President of Business Operations for the AP. "They’ll also be able to identify the footage they need much faster", he added.

This is great for television news production.  The release explains Media Port is a “high end server” installed in a station’s data center that captures and forwards video files to production systems. 

Acquiring video from a collection source like Associated Press in file formats for non-linear production is a wish long desired.  I’ve had many discussions with engineers and operations managers regarding the process and the production bottleneck they want to eliminate.

Here’s another quote from the AP news release which makes grandiose commitments.

“AP Media Port will allow customers to receive video news stories as separate digital files, which will be dispatched to the client as soon as each story is ready. This means clients will no longer need to record stories from AP’s Global Video Wire feed based on a 24-hour bulletin schedule.”

Media Port has been installed at 40 sites with plans to roll it out to 800 according to the AP.  The news service projects operating dual delivery systems for now.  Their customers without Media Port will continue “to use the traditional method of recording content from the Global Video Wire.”

Next Broadcast Newsroom Computing uses Christmas 2009 to plan for Christmas 2010.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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