Let’s Share Project Management Knowledge

Project management is a pragmatic science although one might argue with my claim it is a science. Project management certainly relies on established branches of science to conduct work and there is an associated body of knowledge.

One of the best sources of knowledge relating specifically to project management is held by the Project Management Institute. The Institute certifies project management professionals referred to as PMPs. In fact PMI has a resource called the “Knowledge Shelf.” The support is part of the PMI “Virtual Library.” The website defines the collection of information as “a great place for practitioners to expand their understanding of different aspects of project management.”

Readers of Broadcast Newsroom Computing should consider project management as more than work carried out by engineering, which always has a project underway. In reality every news assignment is a small project. I suggest the principles of project management can be affectively used on every single story covered and special program produced. So while the information offered by the PMI Knowledge Shelf might be viewed as geeky by some there are tips on saving time and effort to be learned there.

The site tells visitors membership offers more access to information and it does. Membership in the PMI is free. Certification as a project manager costs. However, there are on site seminars and e-seminars on project management. Check out the project management demo promoting PMI’s $550 ($500 for members) video on project management training.

Education is based on PMI’s PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge). Membership in the PMI makes the guide available for a reasonable price. The book costs $65 US from most sites and PMI sells it to members for $50 USD.

There is an extensive list of training available from PMI. Many courses are expensive. But the Knowledge Shelf has numerous downloadable documents available to non-members for free. Whether you pay or partake of free offerings there is much to learn about project management at the Institute’s website.

Next on BNC, the Associated Press finally has file based video delivery. What does it mean to digital news production?

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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