Working Hard to Work Easier

Many broadcasters, particularly journalists, have expressed frustration about understanding what a technology solution offers.   I navigated to four vendor sites proffering solutions to broadcasters and made note of my comprehension after reading a few paragraphs at each site.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing focused on merchants with automation solutions.  Attempting, the impossible, to make observations close to scientific and fair.  So here’s the list

I’ve had conversations with colleagues about solutions from each aforementioned vendor.  Everyone has a different favorite.  The honest answer, I have found, is the one with the best fit for your production environment.  Variables in that respect are myriad.  BNC sought only to gather who best communicated their solution.

In my humble opinion Adobe nailed it.  Their broadcast solutions page begins with a Flash presentation for which Adobe is noted.  The text was plain and simple.  Everything communicated with ease and less work on my part.

Grass Valley’s page rates behind Adobe with me.  The pitch however was easy and required little to understand.  I got a real sense of what Ignite brings to the table right off the top.  GV requires you to drill down to get to videos and other tools to learn more about their solution.

Avid’s page for broadcast solutions begins with the company’s mission and makes you search to learn more about their products.  You’re required to work hard and read a lot to gather benefits you might gain purchasing their solution.

Last place goes to Dalet which produced the geek speak riddled brochure raising our attention to communication success.  The vendor cleaned up its act on its page but still left BNC working to hard to determine whether they sell watches on city streets or solutions for news production.  However, Dalet gets a lot of praise for new products from those with whom I’ve spoken.  Too much work was required to learn directly from Dalet.

Your comments and opinions are invited, appreciated and needed.

Next week, Broadcast Newsroom Computing considers revenue growth in online video.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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