Start A Wave

Google Wave news has two top posts.  One from the starting announcement of the next gen communication tool.  The top and most recent post regards new invitations to experiment with Wave.

Wave developers recently invited 100-thousand early adopters to test the personal communication and collaboration tool.  Think of waves as Gmail messages with rich content updated in real time. 

The latest information on the subject tops the message or wave and the string of related communications is referenced and reviewable.  Everyone on the wave or message gets immediate updates of changes, additions, and new information entered.  Add history play back of waves for each new invite or recipient.

However, waves are still waiting to make a prime time real world debut.  Announced last May with a more than 80-minute video, Wave’s next move is more invites.  Those lucky enough to enjoy invitations to try out Wave get to experience communication that is "equal parts conversation and document" according to Google. 

There are satirical YouTube videos demonstrating Waves for the movies “Pulp Fiction” and “Good Will Hunting.”  The presentations are funny but informative as to how Waves communicate.

Read Andy Ihnatko’s Chicago Sun Times’ column on using Google Wave to write his piece.   SAP presents a business case for Wave  and gets you thinking about applications.  Filmmaker Jonathan Poritsky writes about using Waves to streamline the moviemaking process

Now get a preview of Wave from the official site and consider the information gathered from these links presented by Broadcast Newsroom Computing.   You then begin to understand how Waves might be applied to broadcasting.

I call Waves “wikis gone wild.”  Real time collaboration and communication offers what fax machines, email, two way radios, pagers, and cell phones were most often used. 

Next week, BNC continues on the wave and considers applications for Google Wave in news production.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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