Online Video Editing

The time has come.  Although quite a few tried and gave up offering simple video editing online.  Software as a Service falls short in a robust and secure environment required for news production.  But SAS offerings are a good way to get up to speed on what can be done with video and a browser.

For almost a decade broadcast newsrooms have expressed interest in browser based viewing and editing of video.  Cloud computing and SAS bring video viewing and editing to the public and professionals.  Wide area access to privately owned video and the ability to manipulate video is here for both consumers and pros. 

Avid Technology introduced its proxy workflow over wide area networks for high end production at IBC last month. Editing across station and geographic boundaries improves possibilities for production.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing uses a couple of web sites to introduce online video editing of the kind vendors might offer news production.  To get a list of what’s available for pros and consumers search  The reasonable list presented supports BNC’s contention “quite a few have tried.”

The utility of editing video with a browser on the Internet has intriguing workflow implications.  The extent of freedom it offers the production process is yet to be understood.  As soon as news operations grow accustomed to editing video over the Internet the possibilities will reveal them self.

Pixorial is directed toward so called memory makers – average people interested in video production.  The Pixorial demo of free services and online video editing delivers an excellent description of the collaboration and production simplicity news operations should expect. 

  • Video available to all invited to have access.
  • Everyone with privilege can edit the same video.
  • Drag and drop production.
  • Ease of publishing options.

Its a file based workflow.

JayCut is another of the survivors of online video editing.  Take a look at the simplicity and functionality of JayCut’s Video Editor 2.0.

Pixorial and JayCut are free services for consumers but examples of features enterprise users should expect on their newsroom desks or remote locations.

Google certainly has the newsroom abuzz about Wave.  Broadcast Newsroom Computing gets on board next week.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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