New Tools for Tough Times

The Radio Television News Directors Foundation  conference in Atlanta, GA last weekend displayed the marquee “New Tools for Tough Times.”  The two day meeting at CNN reviewed affordable digital technologies. 

RTNDA Chairman Stacey Woelfel blogged about learning to use some new digital tools to cover the Atlanta workshops.  He wrote about using Cover It Live to report and record the leadership sessions.  Woelfel included a link to their recordings when he typed “In all, we did three different Cover It Live sessions of the event.”

I’m sure live blogging coverage of the workshops on new tools for news gathering fall short of the actual event.  However, the recordings are good for a sense of what was captured and information on tools the news industry requires.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing’s perusal of the three sessions indicated most discussion involved understanding social media.  The Cover It Live format gathers rich multimedia content for consumption.  It shows it can deliver on education and in comprehending social media in the RTNDA presentation. 

Reviewing events is reading microblogs.  It is new communication in the style of Twitter.  So the learning begins in practice.  The most popular microblogging site was discussed during the sessions as well as Facebook, according to live reporting or blogging. 

There are nuggets of good information in the sessions.  Example – a video from The Economist offering a lengthy examination of social media.  The numbers bring perspective. The video concludes “what used to fit in a building now fits in your pocket.”  It promotes a sense of how people live and use electronics.  In understanding social behavior news professionals learn how to serve needs of their audience.

The RTNDF meeting considered news consumption and personal presentation of news as well.  The site newsmap was covered – there you get news gathered by geographic proximity.  The inclusion of personal interests media such as Chip Mahaney’s site covers citizen media.  Mahaney was a presenter for the weekend.  The RTNDA leadership reportage gives an idea of the breadth of change in how people use media. 

Next week, BNC looks at a Financial Times report on resetting television.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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