IBC2009 Hottest News

There apparently is little hot news out of Amsterdam  and the long weekend gathering of international broadcasters there.  IBC2009 is history.  The trade show’s chief operating officer opined IBC is more than a trade show.

“IBC is about the quality of the exhibition and the conference. We’re not just a trade show, but an event where people can see the results of all the hard work in our industry. We call this the IBC content experience,’’ said Michael Crimp, IBC COO.

Forty-seven thousand attendees traveled to The Netherlands and the convention for “the experience.”  Official attendance reported numbers were seven per cent less than last year. 

Prior to the gathering the IBC web site heralded 3D television from Sony.  There is still a lot of space on the web site touting Sony’s future plans.

So what is the hottest news from IBC2009?  The organization itself notes a forum given by IBM executive Saul J. Berman as “hottest news.”  The Global Strategy and Change Services Leader for IBM Global Business Services poses a question regarding how to earn revenues in the new economy and changing broadcast industry.  Berman queries “Given that we know what consumers want, what are the requirements that will allow us to be successful in this digital world?”

More “hottest news” from IBC points to their new concept – Innovation Arena – where IBC representatives considered new ideas in “British Idol” fashion.  They chose five innovators and four are listed here:

    • ShoZu  – with a new way of moving around social networks
    • Ymogen – with Create.tv, the social network theme to help people get together in collaborative projects
    • Metaio – showed some augmented reality ideas to place virtual 3D content into the real world
    • Instant Effects – showed a simple and fast way to add 3D to advertising

Vapor like news from IBC2009 in my humble opinion. 

Next week Broadcast Newsroom Computing gives you a preview of the upcoming Radio and Television News Directors Foundation conference on new tools for news gathering.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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