IBC2009 Has Begun

The capital city of the Netherlands Tourism web site fails to let you know IBC2009 is meeting in Amsterdam again.  The trade show for the rest of the world (NAB is the American version) bills itself as “the leading international forum for the electronic media industry.”

The annual show expects one-thousand exhibitors from 130 countries to begin displaying their wares Friday, September 10, 2009.  Conferences began today.

“IBC is the event not to be missed for everyone involved in the world of content, creation, management and delivery.”

Here is the nugget I think is the worth of most trade shows- its the exhibitors list.  You’ll have to do some work such as clicking on the links for company profiles and looking over the exhibitors web site for what they’re showing at IBC. 

The IBC2009 Conference guide quotes outgoing conference chairman Professor David Crawford.  “…running through the whole conference are three streams: technology advances, content creation and innovation, and the business of broadcasting.We felt that these were the key issues in our industry at this time, and we have built the programme to stimulate debate.”

The guide lists conferences through Monday, September 14, 2009.  Broadcast Engineering used the guide to create a sampling of sessions on the state of the industry.

  • “The Future of the Industry: How to Survive and Prosper,” Thursday, Sept. 10
  • “Who Pays? Winners and Losers in the New Economy,” Thursday, Sept. 10
  • “New Money, Smart Investments,” Friday, Sept. 11
  • “Fragmentation and Innovation in the Changing Media Landscape,” Saturday, Sept. 12
  • “Securing Assets,” Sunday, Sept. 13
  • “Allocating Spectrum,” Sunday Sept. 13
  • “Buy, Borrow, Share or Rent: Radical New Models for Delivering Technology and Content,” Sunday, Sept. 13
  • “What is the Cost of not Being Green?” Sunday, Sept. 13
  • “Public Service Broadcasters: Embracing Change,” Monday, Sept. 14
  • “New Networks and the Transformation of Television,” Monday, Sept. 14

IBC however is touting Sony’s new 3D TV technology.  It’s the lead story on their Hot News page headlined  “Is 2009 really ‘the year of 3D’?”  Guess that answers the need to see the hottest thing at IBC2009.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing, from its listening post, will keep watch  to see what is really top news out of the Netherlands this weekend for our next post.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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