Smart Acquisition Technology Makes Sense

The inventor of Smart Acquisition Technology has a family of products utilizing his creation.  Jim McKain, Chief Executive Officer of NL Technology, introduced SAT AI AutoIngest to improve file-based camera workflow with Avid Technology’s workgroups solutions.

McKain has an impressive pedigree. 

Well over a decade ago he developed metadata collection for disc based cameras

He developed the SAT metadata workflow for Football

He chairs the SPORTS-INTEROP Group with the NFL and NCAA

Almost every operations manager, chief engineer and information officer I’ve had opportunity to speak with recently is interested in file-based workflows.  The efficiencies to be realized are gaining hold in broadcast news operations. 

New Panasonic and Sony file based cameras reviewed in the past two posts here are both supported by AutoIngest.  NL Technology supports Ikegami’s GFCAM also. 

McKain is an Avid Technology alumnus as well as myself.  The AutoIngest solution is designed exclusively to address Avid’s workgroups solutions.  In honest disclosure Rowe and Company, LLC, with which Broadcast Newsroom Computing is affiliated, has agreements with NL Technology.

AutoIngest fits Avid’s workgroups in a “foolproof” manner.  Put a disc in a reader or carousel and forget about the media and metadata ingest into Avid’s Media Manager or Interplay products in true “hands-off” fashion.  NL Technology removes the disconnect between camera recorded files and information Avid seeks.

Clip renaming is a major feature of SAT AI.  Under the hood and out of the way of the driver, AutoIngest handles

    • metadata creation and transfer
    • Material Exchange Format (MXF) from OP1A to OP ATOM (Avid’s requirement)
    • 16 bit XDCAM audio to 24 bit Avid compliance
    • Patches MXF for P2
    • Spanned P2 clips
    • missing P2 clip segments

Acquiring content as a file grows with cameras and other digital rights management solutions increasingly entering the marketplace.  AutoIngest becomes a rare and first to market solution in the Avid environment.

BNC points you to the latest competitor in local news next week.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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