Panasonic Filed Based IT News Workflow

P2 and AVC Intra compression are keywords to consider to plan a filed based IT video production workflow based on Panasonic’s solution.  Broadcast Newsroom Computing is agnostic in comparing P2 to Sony’s XDCAM but a Panasonic video on AVC Intra is blatantly in your face about the two solutions.

There is a lot involved in settling on which of the two popular file based cameras, readers, cards and disks to choose for your operation.  Everyone I’ve spoken to, including a couple of large television groups, had compelling reasons for making their choices.  One American television group chose XDCAM and another of about the same size selected P2.  Both made intelligent decisions for their operation.

Panasonic’s AG-HPX300 HD camcorder prices less than $11,000.  However, you must consider P2 card size and capacity.   The lowest priced card is a 16 gigabyte little computer -AJ-P2E016XG – and it’s $420.  The top of the line AJ-P2C064 costs  $2,600.  These are single card prices.

P2 boasts a transfer rate of eight-to-one.  According to the manufacturer a full 32GB E Series card with at least 32 minutes of P2 HD video transfers to storage in less than four minutes.   P2 is also compatible with most  major non-linear editing systems.  P2 is solid state (no moving parts).

With digital rights management requirements growing P2 supports  “30 user-definable metadata files, including shooter, reporter, location, scene, text memo and GPS coordinates.”  And what’s the recording capacity for HD?  Of course that depends on bit rate and Panasonic claims as much as 80-minutes of AVC Intra 100 on a 64 GB card.

Make a full comparison based on standards you require by downloading the “frequently asked questions” explaining P2 HD.  If you want make the comparison the Panasonic video does with XDCAM and use statistics download the XDCAM FAQ.

Next week BNC reports on SAT AI AutoIngest and how it jump starts filed based workflows for the Avid workgroups solution.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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