Sony’s XDCAM File Based Camcorder

File based workflows in broadcast news production are on their way in rapid fashion.  Keeping up with changes is a full time job.  Broadcast Newsroom Computing brings you the latest information about news production and this week we’re focusing on Sony’s entry in file based video acquisition.

Information technology based cameras and solutions for video production are less expensive than years ago, accomplish more with less effort and speed up production and decision making processes.   There is so much to learn where do you begin to determine the best source of information?  Let’s make an attempt in beginning with Sony’s XDCAM technology.

Also in much demand is the requirement for file based ingest and editing of video.  Sony created a “non-linear workflow pavilion” inside its usually huge exhibit at last April’s convention of the National Association of Broadcasters to address demand.   Sony Director John Studdert put it this way “Instead of just hearing about a new camera or a new deck, they want to learn about how a total system enhances their workflow; gives them more freedom to do their job, and lets them focus more on creativity and less on the technology.”

Studdert’s words are right on target.  News professionals I’ve spoken with increasingly wish to concern themselves less with technology and more with creativity.   They want greater speed and more warnings to prevent bad or wrong editorial decisions.  The industry desires digital rights management today even though a truly complete solution is yet to come.

This month Sony introduced it’s latest product in file based acquisition the PDW-F800 optical camcorder.  To provide a real view Sony presents a video on their XDCAM® HD422 Series of products.

To learn if XDCAM file based acquisition solutions fit your news production system the best source would be the list of tutorials on XDCAM workflows.

Next week BNC takes a look at the Panasonic answer to file based video acquisition.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC

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