Tweets in Your Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the de facto communications tool for most knowledge workers.  It’s more than an email reader.  Learn all you can do with Outlook from Microsoft’s free training resource.

twitter-benefits Twitter is a short message service which seems to baffle many about its utility.  Broadcast Newsroom Computing uses Twitter and encourages newsrooms to consider the free service for more than “please bring some coffee on your way in.”  Here’s BNC’s document on how journalists might benefit from Twitter.  Download it here and share it.

Twitter for Journalists

Now you’re ready to consider Tweeting from Outlook and manage Tweets that can overwhelm you like email does until you take control.

twinbox_thumb Tech Hit produces Outlook add-in Twinbox, an upgrade to OutTwit.   Tech Hit’s FAQ page answers what happened to OutTwit and more about Twinbox, configurations and capabilities.  It’s free.  Tech Hit makes several utilities for Outlook including one for Facebook.  Social networking from within Outlook could make your work easier.

Social network sites and others have created clients and add-ins to get around  logging in from a browser.  Business and journalistic utility is to leverage these tool to better communicate with your group or directly with individuals in the group.

Viewing updates from social networks you follow for story ideas and tips from within your main electronic communications tool is what Twinbox delivers with simplistic features. 

BNC considers the application a must know about.  If you’re still on the fence about the real utility of Twitter download our Broadcast Newsroom Computing digest and visit TwiTips for new and simple tricks to send and receive short messages via Twitter.

Twinbox offers a quick start guide on its site as well.

iPhone and Blackberry are in the game too.   There are applications to collect Tweets and to Tweet.  Adoption of social networking is becoming easier and more user friendly.

Next week, Broadcast Newsroom Computing begins a series on file based workflows for television news production.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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