Third Party Key Completes Avid Workgroups for Broadcast

Avid Technology has hundreds of non-linear enterprise content management systems installed at television stations, networks and production companies around the world.  In absolute openness this is the first time I have written about my former employer in Broadcast Newsroom Computing in months of the blogs existence.  However, time has come because I truly believe a long-time Avid partner delivers a product to launch honest end-to-end file based production workflows for television news.

Jim McKain, Chief Executive Officer and President of NL Technology  and I, logolast week, discussed synergies possible with Rowe and Company, LLC, parent of BNC.  We agreed immediately very genuine symbiosis between the two companies exists and needs fulfillment.

Further our lengthy conference realizes flow of information or metadata can be created in editorial meetings and tracked and travel with associated media to distribution/broadcast.  The challenge, I believe we can confidently achieve, is keeping data in sync through out the process so every person involved sees the same, clean and freshest information regarding production. For me, the geek and career journalist, I know we are about to deliver an ultimate breakthrough and Rowe and Company is bursting with excitement about joining NL Technology to bring long needed solutions to market.

“Smart Acquisition Technology” used in NLT’s first of its kind product SAT AI AutoIngest provides the engine for innovative file based workflows. SAT AI  250x188 1_1 AutoIngest manages  Sony XDCAM, Panasonic P2, EditCam and Ikegami GFCAM discs or packs.  AutoIngest turns clips from the various camera manufacturers  into Avid complaint media including metadata from the camera and seamlessly integrates camera data and clips/files into Interplay or MediaManager workgroups.  It’s all done with a very simple and friendly user interface.  NLT has been doing so for some time, IMHO, with unheralded reliability McKain brings the industry.

The quantum leap takes data from editorial meetings into and out of iNEWS and ENPS newsroom computer systems and Interplay.  Every user along the production line is assured their personal view has the latest information associated with media they are searching or using, whether text, graphic or video.  The advance completes production collaboration.

It’s really big so stay tuned in.  Last week, announcement of Dennis Glenn, Solutions Architect as Rowe and Company Associate.  This week a symbiotic agreement with NL Technology.  R&C is moving forward and we’re in the lab.   The new team will quickly and reliably deliver file based production from acquisition.

Next week, Broadcast Newsroom Computing considers Tweets in the inbox.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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