Staying in Synchronization

These are the days of cloud computing and file sharing across firewalls without security violation.  Many news professionals have calendars they wish to track as their own and securely within their chosen group or organization.  Across enterprises or organizations was once too lacking in security however assurance of safeguard has improved.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing examines low level collaboration across secure boundaries.  There are more powerful solutions with a price tag to boot.  Two major players in professional collaboration across geographic and technological borders are Microsoft and Google.  Microsoft’s Outlook email and calendar application is standard and deep-rooted professionally.  Google has applications to link its public and private calendars to Outlook and even an enterprise version of Google Apps for a fee.

Google makes a direct appeal to replace Microsoft Exchange promising a seamless user experience in the transition to Google’s cloud computing environment while keeping the Outlook client.  Microsoft Office Live, MS cloud computing, is still in beta.  Live appears to be Microsoft’s competitive response to Google.  Compare the two services and decide which is better.  Today Google leads.  BNC is unable to gather Microsoft information beyond what is in being tested but works like released applications.

Google offers a free app for synchronization of Google calendars and Outlook.   The Premier version of Google Apps is their business solution with fee.

Mere calendar synchronization among individual calendars across machines is acquired with minimal expense through tools like SyncMyCal and  Mozilla’s Sunbird Calendar is free and works quite well with Google Calendars and others.

The ability to view someone else’s public or secure calendar to see if it matches your own is easy, as you have read.  You can publish project schedules, assignment calendars and futures calendars as well for public and private sharing.  Consider how uses of these applications and cloud computing might reduce costs of collaboration in the newsroom.

Next post Broadcast Newsroom Computing touts parent Rowe and Company, LLC  and its new vendor agreement with The Walt Disney Company and ABC Television.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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