Television Sets Reign

In the United States, viewers sit in front of huge television screens and enjoy movies, news and other forms of entertainment including games.  Nielsen Online quantifies viewing habits of Americans and the rest of the world.  The research firm measures quarterly viewing on television sets, personal computer monitors, and mobile phones.

Nielsen’s latest report is available online.   The quick read is at the end in “key facts” and “trends to watch.”   First bullet point on the page reads “Almost 99% of the video watched in the U.S. is still done on television.”  Almost three whole five-day work weeks  are spent each month watching television sets.  It makes Hulu advertisements about sucking brains empty seem like news reports from the future.

Watch for what Nielsen refers to as “time shifting usage.”   Digital video recorders and their usage grew 40-percent last year.  Online viewing, using the PC monitor, is expected to increase with broadband upgrades and consumer hardware upgrades.

Come screen three, mobile phone viewing, according to the latest Nielsen Online report, grew by 13-million people or 52-per cent over last year.  And teenagers are the avid viewers of video on mobile devices.

Get a good sense of how consumers handle the three screens of delivery, currently on the market, reading  Alan Weinkrantz’s blog post at  Haggling comes to America – Weinkrantz writes "Having made several calls over the last week, I did manage to negotiate the following….”  He haggled with Time Warner and at&t about the cost of each screen and the offerings on each.

While Nielsen Online affirms the television set is where many consume video in the United States other forms of viewing are growing.  The strategies adopted early by the likes of at&t and Time Warner portend the market and preparation to meet its needs.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing tomorrow suspends for a while Friday’s Memo.  Times are changing and priorities shifting so catch the latest announcements tomorrow.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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