Three Screen Strategy

at&t refers to the plan of action as “Delivery of the Digital Lifestyle.”  Lots of questions raised by “digital lifestyle” because it’s a broad description of how people will consume video, music, text, and graphics or photos.  All of these forms of expression seem to have unwittingly sneaked into our lives in a fashion to which we’re awakening.

The most successful radio programmer I have ever known used to spend one uninterrupted day each week observing people in the city.   The widest eyes I ever saw on a software writer was when they actually observed their creation on the industry production line.  The human factor is most enlightening and must always be included.

at&t lists the three screens as TV, PC and Wireless screens.  The document the link leads to, of course, pitches the company’s products for fulfilling the delivery of the digital lifestyle.  Consider from the document how consumers will use the proposed services.

A must see is at&t’s slide show on their commitment to servicing the digital lifestyle.  The millennials, those growing up in the 90s and first decade of this millennia, are more digitally literate by comparison than Generation X

The new group of consumers grew up with wireless phones and texting.  They also enjoy television and personal computers for varying reasons.  Hence the three screen digital lifestyle.  The screens are used for entertainment, utility, and socializing or communicating.  The new audience requires all those needs met on three stages.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing refers  to at&t because the company is aggressively, with partnerships in satellite and mobile TV, going after market share on three screens.  They’ve been at it for years, at least two.

Nielsen Online reports have been unable to measure some of the usage of some screens to date.  What are the viewing, listening, reading and utility habits of those using each of the screens?   We’re still learning.

Wednesday, BNC offers more on what we have discovered about the three screens.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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