Online Photo Editors

Okay Adobe Photoshop is the standard photo editor and there are a number of versions.  Now comes SaaS and Adobe introduces an online stripped down version of Photoshop

There are a numerous competitors in the market and they have varying revenue models, however many are free.  cnet reviews 15 online photo editors.  It’s obvious one of them has to fit a required workflow.  At the Daily Gyan they recommend bookmarking at least ten photo editing sites.

There’s the latest version of Splashup there has been chatter about probably because it captures from a web camera.  Fotoflex bills itself as the most advanced editor.  Fotoflex offers animations and other effects.

Why would you want an online photo editor when you can afford Adobe Photoshop?   Well let’s consider learning curve.  You can perform some very simple photo edits without taking a class at most of these sites.  Oh, how about lacking access to a desktop photo editor.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing uses these examples to show how cloud computing and delivering software through a web browser is growing rapidly.  New thinking requires consideration of all offerings and what they mean to commerce.

In Friday’s Memo BNC deals with two new concepts in the business of covering news.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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