Cutbacks for BNC

The producers of Broadcast Newsroom Computing face the same challenges as other businesses and our writer/editor James Rowe must reduce the number of posts per week.  We began an experiment in hyper-local journalism at and decided the project requires more of our limited resources.

We will continue to post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s Memo.  However we’re spreading resources thinly.  We ask indulgence as Rowe and Company, LLC, like the economy, moves toward rounding the corner to more business.

James’ brain dump lives.  The frequency of reporting is reduced by two fifths.  Please follow us on Twitter and RSS becomes a greater friend pushing BNC posts to your news reader.

We want to keep you abreast of changing and affordable technologies forcing news production into the future and bringing down cost of ownership.  These are tenets in deciding topics and  goals to guide us in choosing subjects.

Companion blog Journalism at continues weekday posts.  Journalism topics are more random; research is less demanding on our few resources.  Posts draw on James’ decades of reporting and news management experience and require far less research.  The BNC audience demands more thoughtfulness in counsel to make tough business and news decisions.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing and Journalism are definitely labors of love and non-profit portions of Rowe and Company, LLC.   Our company is obligated to a new climate of commerce.  One of transparency, more trust and cooperation to ensure survival of all in an evolving industry.

Our goals are noble and R&C hopes discourse we create here is high minded and chivalrous.  BNC thanks you and  looks forward to your ongoing support and readership.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing on Wednesday examines online photo editing – something every journalist should understand.

Patrick Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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