Does Hyper Local Equal Hyper Revenue?

The only thing constant is change.  Any scientist or cook is likely to tell you forget certainty of results when mixing and stirring.  There are many experiments underway in journalism .  “No one size fits all;  there are many models,” says Jan Schaffer, director of the J-Lab.

Like cooking, what is created is for someone, a human., to consume.  Keeping the “human” top of mind while creating and administering makes sense of work and directs work to appropriate ends.  A new phrase describing journalism’s latest attempt to reach people is hyper local.  Ain’t in the dictionary but ain’t is.  The site offers a very technical view of its meaning.  Remember technology and journalism are married and mixing and stirring.

The Berlin based managed by Reinhard Knobelspies headlines their homepage “The emergence of a new paradigm!”  Knobelspies writes “the impact of this development will be as dramatic as with earlier industrial revolutions like the beginning of mass production and cannot be underestimated.”  He points out mass production market strategy was think global act local.   The emerging model, Knobelspies claims, in an age of connectivity for all, shows an opposing view.  “Think global-act hyperlocal.”

“The news business is in a difficult time period right now, between what was and what will be,” Gary Kebbel from Knight Foundation tells the New York Times.   The foundation funds hyper local news research.  “Our democracy is based upon geography, and we believe local information is such a core need for our democracy to survive.”

Schaffer points out “Citizen media is emerging as a form of bridge media, linking traditional media with forms of civic participation.”  Hyper local is often misused to mean citizen journalism.  The Knight Foundation backs a Chicago project called EveryBlock and its an example of hyper local, interactive, multi-media, and relevant journalism.

Peter Krasilovsky from Kelsey Group forecasts revenue growth in hyper local news presentation.  The NYT report writes  “many small businesses have never advertised outside the local Yellow Pages … an untapped online ad market whose worth (Krasilovsky’s) firm expects to double to $32 billion by 2013.”

Broadcast Newsroom Computing brings it all back to the newsroom desk tomorrow.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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