Journalism 2.0 or 3G

“Journalism’s brand is broken,” writes Mark Briggs for Harvard University’s Niemen Reports.   Briggs is the author of “Journalism 2.0” but wait Columbia Journalism Review in an article on Journalism 2.0 introduces Journalism 3G.

Whew, all the branding wears down journalists trying to make sense of layoffs and economic crumble.  One thing is clear.  Journalism changed 2.0 or 3G.  These suffixes demonstrate journalism and technology blend.  CJR reporter Curtis Brainard asks “is this going to require a whole new subset of the newsroom that has special knowledge in computer science, coding, and programming?”

The chief operating officer at ReadWriteWeb offers an explanation of the divide in newsrooms between “techies” and “content creators.”  Bernard Lunn writes “Journalism is a form of art, albeit closer to craft than art.”  He explains “to a techie, art is just content.”  Then he asks “which is more important, code or art?”

Briggs insists market realities beseech “a greater need for … study and practice of entrepreneurial journalism.”   The journalist argues two conventionally opposed concepts marry with journalism that is transparent, authentic, and collaborative. 

Watch staff at the Rockford Register Star explain how Journalism 2.0 changed their lives.   There’s a flood of video from a symposium on computation plus journalism called Journalism 3G:  The Future of Technology in the Field.

The idea – journalist and computer programmer working together.  Briggs built a business on belief traditional journalists can easily acquire digital media skills.  He said the technology is relevant but high tech needs more to sustain an industry.  The consultant appeals for  “an entrepreneurial mindset, measureable success tied to establishing social capital, and a recognition that authentic, transparent and collaborative work is the foundation for viability and sustainability in the marketplace.”

Confused?  Broadcast Newsroom Computing tomorrow peers deeper into 2.0 or 3G.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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