Accept Change and Survive

Content creators utilize tools and  the audience uses devices to consume their creations.  Eyes and ears of people and their attention create transactions.  The buyer can turn commerce upside down. 

The paradigm brings great opportunity.  Take the leap and embrace the inevitable.  Jeff Jarvis at BuzzMachine waxes sarcastically about “citizen journalism”  and how it is ruining the world.  Broadcast Newsroom Computing believes this a time of transformation for better.  The macro term is “citizen media.”  On the ground it’s Joe Average simply living.  Perhaps a life Joe wants to tell the world about.

Rising Voices has a global view of citizen media and attempts to explain the world context.  New media journalists refer to the empowerment as the conversation people carry on.   A new way of communicating when you can immediately share lots of rich content personally created.

The traditional one-to-many model of mass communications is desirable for production and distribution.  The tradition stands but has tension with consuming producers.  Everyone can produce rich media.  The Center for Citizen Media explores how to empower the many.

Content creation is about and for people.  People use gadgets to consume rich media.  Let’s understand device capabilities or canvases.  MobileTechReview covers the craving for Smartphones.  Digital Photography Review  takes on cameras.  cnet reviews the five best MP3 players, personal entertainment devices. gives an idea of low entry price and high capacity camcorders features.  BTW, most consumer devices conform to file based workflows.

Understanding the audience/people is key to welcoming metamorphosis in trade for rich media content.  America’s Funniest Videos was perhaps first to open their arms to user created media.   YouTube developed the slogan “broadcast yourself” and nudged many to follow their lead for open access.

Tomorrow Broadcast Newsroom Computing introduces Journalism 2.0.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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