Friday’s Memo – Are the Bulls Coming Home

It is May Day; the first of the month and a holiday overlooked by greeting card makers.  News headlines portend Bulls head back to Wall Street but on Main Street employment decreases.

America’s Chrysler Motors is in bankruptcy and bed with Italy’s Fiat.  A Florida CBS affiliate is replacing news with Dr. Phil.  WKMG cuts staff and newscasts reports the Orlando Sentinel.  WBBM, Chicago’s CBS owned and operated television station, trims more staff in reorganization.

President Obama celebrates one-hundred days leading the free world.   The eve before Mister Obama marked his accomplishment  CBS Evening News reported the recession may end by summer.

The Wall Street Journal Online headlines yesterday’s stock stats “Global Stock Rally Is Strongest Since 1991.”   Another WSJ online organ SmartMoney writes “Wall Street is hoping to cap a volatile week with some gains.”  MarketWatch updated this morning’s headline to “Stocks open modestly lower.”   Earlier MW lead with news of gains on the Street.

An anonymous person was quoted saying “your neighbor being laid off is a recession but losing your job is a depression.”  Perspective shades interpretation of facts.  In example the New York Times compared US economic trends with other countries.  Their finding is Canada is “still running a federal budget surplus.”

Claims for jobless benefits fell last week. Stocks rallied this week but investors wait on first quarter indicators.  Broadcasters return from the bizarre held in Las Vegas.  Mid-way the second quarter all should be ready for serious commerce.

The business playing field changed and new players suited up. warns  the “…Roller coaster isn’t over for us,”  reporting on Chrysler’s near miss.  We’re all riding the same rails with hills, valleys, sharp bends and surprises.  Earl Broussard, an Austin, Texas businessman quoted in USA Today this week, said “The only way we get out of this is to band together and hold hands and hope we’re not going off a cliff.”

Broadcast Newsroom Computing reviews some storytelling tools next week.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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