One to Many for Profit

I want what I want right now where I am.   Such a statement would have drawn ire from my parents.  It becomes the mantra for deciding where media is to present.  The choice of platforms to attain what one wants when desired seems countless and burgeoning.

Consumer discretion  increases and broadcasters’ resources to accommodate end user selection usually cost in the six figure range.  Workflow attempts to send content produced once to many consumption points can boggle the mind.  Nielsen-Online’s three screen report from late last year is a dated analysis of popular stages.

Television, radio and text is consumed at home, online, on big and little screens, in movement  – such as in a car or train, on telephones,  and in public venues like work, theaters, bars, and supermarkets.  There are a number of legacy personal entertainment devices still in the hands of many and more devices made and sold to deliver rich media. 

As usual there are no real standards.  Formats for varied presentations challenge how best to communicate.  Broadcast Newsroom Computing writes often about technologies utilizing accepted standards.  Products sold as everything to broadcasters find huge systems mired in a form of head scratching, usually for lack of standards.  Simplicity is lost for user and administrator.

Business demands cost control and fierce competitiveness at the same time.   The competitive playing field broadened to arenas lacking defined and profitable models for commerce.  Getting it done once and capitalizing many times is requirement.  Doing so can be easier.

The one-to-many ideal is achieved with innumerable devices.  Managing numerous points of content delivery sometimes means digital asset management according to vendor.   Like nations, vendors most often refuse to cooperate well.  Choosing the best technology for a specific business solution requires products still learning to play nice.

Massachusetts based Signiant, IMHO, achieves respectable management of rich media across geographies and products.  Signiant’s Content Distribution Management sold to broadcasters and rich media content producers and distributors is a must check for one-to-many solutions and standard file based distribution.

BNC Friday’s Memo tomorrow with some late forecasts.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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