Moore for Less

A half terabyte of data stored on a single DVD size disc is on its way.  General Electric Company, this week, announced it would present its findings on development of a microholographic storage disc at a conference next month.  The historic company has crossed the threshold according to Brian Lawrence, the scientist who leads GE’s holographic storage program.  He spoke with the New York Times.  “We’re in the ballpark.”

The research team at the company’s Niskayuna, New York lab believes it has  ability to store one hundred times the data of a single DVD disc on a standard size disc.  Moore’s law requires hardware to do more for less cost and GE officials told NYT they are there.

Consider simple disc storage today and what it costs. 

Format Storage Amount Cost per GB
CD 800 MB $1
DVD 5 GB $.75
Blu-Ray 25/50 GB $.50
Holographic Disc 500 GB $.10

GE engineers are certainly living up to Moore’s law.   NYT ‘s report quotes Richard Doherty, an analyst at Envisioneering, a technology research firm, saying “this could be the next generation of low-cost storage.”  Holographic storage appears practical and cost effective.  InPhase Technologies this year promises  holographic machines for $18,000 each and expensive discs for storage media.

Video production and health care industries are two enormous users of storage.  Evidence of falling costs for storage are all over price lists everywhere.  GE’s claim of microholographic discs with ten times the storage of Blu-Ray at perhaps one-tenth the cost is a major breakthrough.

Technology to handle broadcasting and news production advances and abides by Moore’s law.  Spending less for more is a need in these times.  GE’s promise of more disc storage costing far less per gigabyte is two to three years from reality.

Tomorrow Broadcast Newsroom Computing on program distribution.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC



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