News Maps New Presentation

Broadcast Newsroom Computing discovered some interesting new presentations and aggregation of news.  There are numerous sites feeding off news gathered by others.  The Associated Press news cooperative began expressing its fury this month.

We can fight or we can play; it’s a choice.  However, we have to understand the playing field or battleground.  BNC presents a concept so new information is limited .   A number of sites use the technology though.  It’s “news mapping” and it means, like always, different things to some. 

Google lab maps news stories along a timeline of columns.  It is  plotting a table and has definite utility for study and keeping up.  I almost thought use of maps to establish place and dates to communicate time were becoming lost concerns in news presentation.  Google’s timeline permits query with results dated chronologically.

A global and multi-media approach is eye-pleasing at Google powered  News World Map.  For a complete package mapped up offers the best news map.  Users with accounts can personalize maps and there’s a client download for a screensaver or active desktop.

In a time of hyper-localization (a topic for another time) WKRG’s use of geography and news mapping was most intriguing.  Click on a bubble near you and read what happened close by.  Interactive, relative and perhaps compelling are all good attributes for new media stories.  

Some news maps strained my eyes.  Reuters offering was a billboard.

newsmap appears to make artistic suggestions in its mashup of the world.  newsmap resists timelines and geo-graphics.

Newstin presents top stories from newest to oldest, subjects you choose, searches, or visual navigation with a fun interactive graphic.  There are creative presentations with features rising to consumer demand.

Tomorrow BNC offers an example of Moore’s Law.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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