Mobile DTV In Hand

"We’re at the beginning of a new era where we reach the consumer where they are rather than have them go somewhere to access content," says Ardell Hill, president, broadcast services, Media General Broadcast in a tvewsday article.  The panel on mobile DTV is on the NAB schedule however reporting most on Hill’s forecast is tvnewsday.

"I believe this is the opportunity that makes our future clear. This gives us the tools to reconnect with the Twitter and Facebook generation that has left us," the Media General executive continues in the report.  Hill refers to the American Television Systems Committee mobile video technology standard.  Broadcast Newsroom Computing is betting most will depart Las Vegas with a  mobile tv strategy.

"There are only 114 million American living rooms but up to 500 million more sites where people can watch mobile TV. Mobile TV has the potential to reassemble segments of the audience that have been lost to digital attrition,"  said Brandon Burgess, chairman of the Open Mobile Video Coalition and Ion Media Networks in another tvnewsday report.  Two executives in Las Vegas this week share the vision of taking television to a viewer’s palm and statistics on where viewing is most available.

AT&T and Verizon sell mobile tv packages.  The market is created and will only grow.  Makayama pushes software to rip DVDs for viewing on smart phones.  Mobile TV has a proprietary Windows only service.  Early adopters shell  out subscription fees to view a limited amount of television programs.

More business models for mobile tv are in planning stages.  Gartner Incorporated headlines its own research“…Worldwide Smartphone Sales Reached Its Lowest Growth Rate With 3.7 Per Cent Increase in Fourth Quarter of 2008.”  cnet, however,  interprets Gartner’s study differently reporting “Smart-phone sales are soaring.”

Soaring or growing by a single digit, the numbers of viewers and listeners – radio broadcasters – able to consume broadcast programs anywhere anytime are swelling.  Have a strategy and business model or get left behind.

BNC tomorrow on what NAB-RTNDA attendance numbers really mean.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC



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