Basics to Revenue

Bringing content to life calls for understanding basics.  The term “multimedia” evolved over the years to present different meanings to those trying to understand.   Merriam-Webster defines multimedia as encompassing several media.

Simple but what media?   The Introduction to Web Multimedia writes it’s everything you hear or see.   We’re getting there.  Multimedia has to be broken down to its most basic components for broadcasters/media distributors to comprehend how to develop models for income.

At the site Fx Sound and Magic there is a closer explanation of multimedia.   Here’s their list of everything you can see and hear:

  • Text
  • Still images
  • Sound
  • Movies
  • Animations
  • Special Effects

Now we’re getting the basic bits and  include graphics under the still images category.  Newspapers and the web handle text and still images very well.  Radio and Internet manage sound.  Television and the Internet work for movies, animations and special effects.  The Internet works for all forms of media.

The topic presented has significant control of the media chosen when thinking about multimedia or distributed platforms.  Content presentation is an editorial decision.   Understanding basics of multiple platforms and their advantages and limitations aids in making informed editorial choices about content distribution.

Framing editorial control from the top down can manage content but a composition is built from the bottom up element by element.   “A multimedia story is some combination of video, text, still photos, audio, graphics and interactivity presented in a nonlinear format in which the information in each medium is complementary, not redundant,” explains basic training on interactive journalism at J Lab.

The user (reader/viewer/listener) usually desires interactivity offering some level of control over how they navigate the story.  Another layer to make it even more interesting and challenging for those developing revenue models.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing tomorrow reviews the latest report of jobs down and news production up.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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