Content is Alive

Today the largest flea market for world broadcasters and content producers opens for exhibitors to circus bark about their products and services.  The National Association of Broadcasters (United States based) annual Las Vegas, Nevada convention began over the weekend.  Broadcast Newsroom Computing avoided Vegas and is monitoring from cyberspace.  It is, however,  impossible to discover information about attendance on the NAB show website.

The NAB show page tagline is “Where content comes to life.”  The page utilizes multimedia and browsing its tangents indicates “content” is definitely a buzz word for 2009.  The executive vice-president of the NAB show describes the exhibition as more than broadcasters.   The trade show is distribution “platform agnostic” said Chris Brown, NAB Show EVP in the nightly Internet talk show on the event. 

Free thinking about distribution is unavoidable and usually NAB discovers change after it is long in the tooth.  Content has always been the foundation of media – traditional and new.  In the lower left hand portion of NAB Show pages notice buttons for content creation, management, commerce, distribution and delivery, and consumption.  It is interesting advertising is missing on the content consumption page.  All content resource pages are merely banner ad collections. 

The blog page posts a multi-platform strategy session the trade  organization is hosting.   The show site is obviously meant for attendees in LV.  An onsite  planning tool long overdue for such a huge and overwhelming exhibition of products and technology. 

I certainly hope advice offered in many planned sessions fail to include examples of uninteresting media on the video blog.   Attendees should learn how to hold an audience instead of scurrying them with boredom. 

The NAB show web site indicates how much broadcasters need to understand about platform agnosticism,  non-linear storytelling and multimedia. 

BNC goes beyond buzz words tomorrow and offers some practical basics to bring content to life.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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