Friday’s Memo – More News Maybe Revenue

The economy is in a meltdown reported a news anchor this morning.  Words such as those cause great concern from the kitchen table to the long slab in conference rooms.  Decisions must be made in both places to stop reports using the term “meltdown.”

This week Broadcast Newsroom Computing told you about True/Slant.  The site is produced by a group of journalists with private funding. They are experimenting with a new revenue model for online journalism.  Theirs is an interesting advertising and payment scheme.

JournalismOnline, LLC has yet another new revenue strategy for micro-payments.  It was just days ago Steven Brill, Gordon Crovitz, and Leo Hindery announced their venture.  Each has extensive media credentials.  They, however, promote charging for content and their firm would globally manage collecting on transactions.

Broadcasters consider how online revenues compliment or boost traditional revenue streams.  The True/Slant and JournalismOnline experiments deserve attention.

In past days, headlines and teases included kinder words.  There were even suggestions from newsmakers the end of the global slump is in sight.

“Ad dollars are creeping back into the TV market, ad buyers say, though they remain uncertain whether the money will replace portions of upfront buys … canceled in recent months,” reports AdvertisingAge.  Accounts vary as to some newsrooms making profits and others losing revenues over the last quarter.

The National Association Broadcasters writes on their newsroom site “Nearly 80 percent of … pre-registered conference and exhibition attendees plan to buy products or services exhibited on the convention floor” according to a survey the organization conducted.  That’s a way to boost hope for vendors who mostly pay for the largest convention of broadcasters. It starts Monday.

News programming is bringing in more money these days and many are expanding their offerings to chase the dollars.  “With crews already in place, stations can produce local news for as little as half the cost of …syndicated programs, “ Bill Carroll, director of programming at Katz Television Group in New York, said in an interview.  Carroll’s remarks are contained in a report at

Tidings of an end to the economic free fall, advertising growth,  new revenue models, and more news being produced.  We consider it a  good week of indicators.

Next week BNC points you to multi-media and what it means to newsroom computing.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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