Somebody is Thinking

I gather someone at Microsoft was pondering the dilemma at Ford Motors and a light bulb lit up.   Finally MS raises the Elevate America program to include the jobless.  Months after every American has realized the downturn.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing reported on digital literacy earlier.

“Microsoft is committed to strengthening the U.S. economy and increasing global competitiveness by improving access to education and workforce-readiness skills required for twenty-first-century jobs,” reads the About page at the E-A site.

More workers prepared to use Office more businesses will purchase the productivity suite of software.  Good marketing sense and I’m elated MS finally brought it home.  Online self-paced training or classroom training.  Microsoft prepared a complete lesson plan.

Every one who wants may have basic digital literacy training for free.  Those who desire to go beyond basics may apply for vouchers for more MS courses.  State governments are working with the software maker to spread the knowledge for little or no cost to Americans at last and not too late.

One million vouchers for Microsoft e-learning (electronic learning) distributed to 50-states.  The average journalist can pass up the 20-thousand voucher applications the government will dole out and go straight to the basics courses you download.  All training wraps with some form of certification.

The basics go over computer fundamentals, security, office software, the Internet, Web and digital lifestyles.   For newsrooms MS provides  a computer literacy test for potential hires and training software to bring workers up to speed with tools on their desktops.

Millions of unemployed Americans and one million vouchers would seem insufficient.  Remember, if everyone does what they can or something with their own economic stimulus plan there will be an upturn in the economy.

BNC tomorrow considers some places those “workforce-readiness skills” are used in broadcasting.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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