Experiments with Digital Journalism

A group of journalists have formed a privately held company backed by Forbes Media and Velocity Interactive Group.   The private company is True/Slant Alpha.

“True/Slant is an original content news network tailored to both the ‘New Journalist’ and marketers who want a more effective way to engage with digital audiences,” reads the About page.  It’s a novel trial in new media just getting underway. 

This is Broadcast Newsroom Computing but the subject of faltering newspapers is most germane to all media.  True/Slant focuses on production and distribution processes we are all concerned with.  The production line and distribution platforms are digital through and through.

I believe 27-years in the trenches as a broadcast journalist newspaper reporters some times looked down on and other occasions genuflected coupled with 12-years in television news production technology gives me some idea of the business of journalism and its future.  I’m intrigued with True/Slant but the jury is still out for their entrepreneurial model.

The True/Slant homepage looks clean and the publishers say it is evolving.  You’ll notice an untraditional blend of information.  They call themselves the digital home of the “New Journalist.”  “Knowledgeable and credible contributors anchor and build their digital brands on True/Slant” claims the site.

Contributors at True/Slant are curators.   They are original content creators and superintendants of stories reported in their subject interest.  A clear use of the trustworthy brand of known journalists to broker a web surfers path through the jungle of the Internet.

Promising beta (version 2 before full operation) next month the True/Slant organization’s finished product is yet to be revealed.  T/S says “Our goal is to build a community that is as engaged with the news as we are.”

The community treats journalists as contributing curators, accepts consumers as contributors, and offers marketers to create their own Ad Slants clearly marked as advertising.  Let’s keep watching as more and more revenue models are tried in these changing times.

BNC reports what others are saying about True/Slant Alpha.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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