Your Own Economic Stimulus Plan – Innovate

Broadcast Newsroom Computing proposes individual economic stimulus plans because we believe everything begins with a person.  A woman described as the “Coupon Diva” on NBC’s Today show is the exemplar.  “You can make your own stimulus package” said Joyce House. 

She saves and uses coupons.  House spreads her coupon secrets for free and shares her savings with neighbors.  She said coupons gained her products less fortunate people needed and she donated those goods.  A good citizen, neighbor, and innovator is House.  She wins a huge smiley face emoticon from BNC:-)

I scanned chapter one of Joshua Cooper Ramo’s book “The Age of the Unthinkable.”  In the midst of all his comparison of Hezbolla with Google is the term “innovation.” 

I find innovation mandatory thinking in the current business climate.  Times demand we examine solutions to maintain or improve productivity.  We must also hold or save costs.  Remember everything has changed and Ramo underscores that.

House used a simple idea and carried it to extraordinary height.  Simplicity rules.  Complicating processes holds us back.  Simplifying them moves us forward.  The individual can flow easily into the task when it’s facile.

What used to be is gone.  There is zero value in long term agreements in fluid circumstances.  One year, two and five year agreements are outmoded.  Three months and per incident are new models.   Short term agreements were unthinkable a few months ago.  Even renegotiation in changing environs is realistic now.

There is a revolution underway in technology.  Those involved see all kinds of possibilities for the future and beyond strains of the global downturn.  I hear hope in speeches and writings. 

Adept use of technology saves costs and improves efficiency. Embrace change, search for improvement, think innovation and nobility.   I believe through virtue we are most likely to succeed.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing’s Friday’s Memo – newspapers and new media take up the week’s discourse.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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