Your Own Economic Stimulus Plan – Sunlight and Generosity

Take a deep breath.  We have a plan and a philosophy for individual economic stimulus (earlier posts).  Reversing a global downturn act by act is a huge enterprise.  It seems indomitable but it is, in my opinion, governable.

Edify yourself with your business, industry, and organization.  Learn something new about your vocation everyday as a goal.  Education comes with counsel and advice from others.  Become an extrovert.  Avoid shyness and expose yourself to new people, information, and knowledge.  Listen more than anything.

It is a new day.  Remember everything has changed.  Rules morph.  I believe sunlight will prevail.  Openness, though, is a mantra yet achieved.  Integrity in commerce starts with each person.  Honesty avoids missteps and stimulating the economy at a micro level is time consuming. 

You either have funds or time.  If you have both you’re obligated to help stimulate your neighbor.  More than 30-years ago in a record snow storm I stuck my car in a snow bank.  The street name where I  needed help offended me and I felt alone in hostile surroundings.  A group of people whom I  thought would chase me instead all pitched in to push my car out of the snow bank.  They made me feel human and sent me on my way with a cheerful welcome. I learned tough times bring good deeds.  We confront arduous circumstances.

Recent lessons how some feel toward business gifts emboldens my overwhelming self pride.  New commerce models though offer all sorts of free service while we develop payment transaction formulas.   And I’ve heard some good methods recently from barter to electronic micro charging.  There’s genuine new thinking going on. 

Much has changed. Sharing knowledge is virtuous even assumed in today’s business climate.  You hear Internet moguls panegyrize openness and sharing to return to profit.  Democracy and user empowerment are some buzz words entering recent speeches.

The Fox and NBC news coverage partnership in major American markets is precedent we must compete and survive together.

Broadcast Newsroom  Computing thinks of innovation tomorrow.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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