Begin A Stimulus Plan of Your Own

I was admonished failure to plan was a failure plan.  And there is the anonymous person who said “Luck is good planning, carefully executed.”  There must be a plan for each individual to achieve economic recovery.  In your head, written is better, somewhere a proposal must exist.

The goal of economic stimulus literally means nudge the economy from a downturn.  There is a government plan but in the trenches of industry is where action occurs. 

We know our business and desire stimulus.  Let’s break down the goal of stimulating our business so it’s governable.  Apply a work breakdown structure to manageable portions we determine and we’re on our way.

It is an informed genesis  We comprehend macro goals and know our manageable tasks.  We examine actions required to accomplish workable chores efficiently and timely.   We have a plan and we’ve begun our effort.

Who is accountable for work?  How do you spread duties fairly among available resources?  We’re working with those we have and hopefully what we need.  The goal really is do more with less. 

Get input from everyone associated with your business, absolutely everyone.  Consider seriously all suggestions derived from the process.  These people are vested in your survival.  Be informed and determine how their knowledge affects your plan.  Make adjustments if needed.

Carrying out tasks your stakeholders advise would move the downturn upward may seem daunting.  Refer to your  plan and work breakdown structure for guidance.  It brings us on track when we wander in thought and action.   Follow the guide or determine where it wrongly leads.

Include a tracking system to discern if tasks are executed as outlined.  Read reports generated by those we’re following and use the information to keep on path.

When efficiency waivers prod the accountable.  They’re charged with  reducing cost and maintaining or raising efficiency or production.  A simple polite nudge keeps everyone moving upward  and is your vigilance.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing continues the discussion tomorrow touting a new business climate.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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