Notebooks, Netbooks, What Books

Numerous clichés  come to mind and I avoid them all.  Any purchase of technology should be based on specific need.  If you want a catchall solution your decision is governed by varied utility.  Often specific hardware and software are required to meet business demand.  Notebook computers range from tough notebooks to netbooks. 

So need drives choice.  Broadcast Newsroom Computing offers some resources for making decisions.  At you’ll find a Notebook Computer Guide to learn the options available.

For an idea of most popular notebook computers on the market has the top ten and a few more listed.  CNET has an extensive laptop section organized  to help sort out types and prices.  PCToday publishes a “Quick Guide to Notebooks and Portables” for an executive read on what you need to know.

Prices for notebook computers range from $500 to beyond $2000.  Broadcasters, in my opinion, should consider the high end for one-man bands and the low-end for reporters just filing scripts from the field.

Netbooks would cover the low end for connectivity and word processing.  They are small and portable.  Manufacturers trying to avoid the limitations associated with netbooks are promoting portable computers with a “mini” label.  These computers are replacing the outdate PDAs to which some reporters attached keyboards for script filing.

The notebooks for field video editing are hefty machines and Avid Technology has a list of qualified machines to run their varied editors.  Final Cut uses Apple computers. 

Field editing requires pricey notebook computers.  Don’t skip on those used as editors.  Script production needs only inexpensive portables.  Always demand documentation of system requirements from the software vendors.  Meet the vendors requirement to minimize pain.

Tomorrow BNC’s Friday’s Memo – more cuts as we wait for first quarter statistics.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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