Smart Phones and New Players

Blink your eyes and there’s new technology.  Personal electronics become business technology.  We are constantly connected most times unwittingly. 

How do you sort through devices to keep networked?  Broadcast Newsroom Computing discovered some fresh resources.  I had avoided smart phones until a Central American friend nudged me into the abyss.  Consumer Reports has an old but still useful article on choosing such a personal device. 

Many people I know rave about 3G and how they have to have it.   It’s third generation wireless communications and simply means faster connection speeds.  TechTarget’s has friendly reading with deep background on 3G.

PCToday bills itself as your mobile authority.  A recent and user friendly explanation of smart phones is their “Quick Guide to Smartphones.”  Available networks are explained and why you might choose one over another.  Wi Fi, GPS, and operating systems that confuse are made clear.  You can  become rapidly informed enough to make a decision about high end communications devices.

To find out who has the latest features and who is entering the market PCToday’s “GPS Smartphones” page delivers a good list of providers and devices.  Apple still has iPhone cool factor.  Blackberry from Research In Motion has devices galore and reaches out to consumers.  Those two are leaders in the market.

However, new players are in the game.   Garmin is noted for personal navigation devices which smart phones can be.  So the manufacturer introduces nuviphone.   Palm has a new Treo.  Comes Pharos with Traveler 127 and Samsung with Memoir.  The list is US-centric so search for information on international features.

These are devices futurists contend will place the power to produce and consume media in everyone’s hand.  I wonder about all my old photographer friends concerned with GPS tracking of their whereabouts by the assignment desk.   I think the fight is over;  GPS is in your hand.

Tomorrow BNC reviews some notebook computers reporters are given.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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  1. Interesting Read! Very detailed blog.
    Thanks for sharing

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