Got To Have Skype

There are a number of free calling services on the Internet.  The one everyone raves about is Skype.  I use it because so many people I know use it.  It’s a computer utility you should have even if you feel you’re not ready.

Get an account.  It costs you zero.  If you’re concerned about international calling rates then Skype is your answer.  The free computer-to-computer service touts more than 300-million users in almost every country.  The service offers 28 languages.

I’ve seen a count of over 14-million users logged onto Skype at a single time.

The Luxembourg based service has a real business model in true Web 2.0 fashion.  You can call anyone logged onto the service on computer from your computer for free.

I’ve used it for video calls.  Web cam and microphone with computer and Internet connection and I had a video phone for no service charge.  Sort of idiot proof setup.  Pretty good in my opinion.

I discussed its use with television news operations.  News use of the service has been reported and bragged about.

Skype is completely open with its revenue model.  They sell premium services.  You pay to call a mobile or landline phone from  your computer.  There are also devices on sale using Skype services. 

I know of small offices using their premium services to save costs.  Skype offers itself as a business service to cut costs.

I consider Skype a must have utility.  I also believe you should pay if you derive income from a service.  The broadcasters I’ve spoken with paid to use the service.  Old rule – do not gamble with your broadcast when you can avoid it.

Broadcast Newsroom Computing offers useful tweets tomorrow.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC

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