Friday’s Memo – Around Our Site BNC

We thought it was time we acquaint you with all the changes we’ve made with Broadcast Newsroom Computing.   We hope they are of benefit to you.  So we want to take you on a tour.

First is a post like the one reading now.  If you scroll down the page to the end you go back about two weeks.  We do our very best to post at least once a day Monday through Friday.  We, the publisher, are the partners and consultants with Rowe and Company, LLC.

The sidebar to the right features what we believe is of value to BNC readers and accomplishes the mission of the publishers. 

At the top of the the side bar is how to subscribe to BNC with a newsreader.  Click on it, choose your reader and our posts show up in your there.

Next on the sidebar is a list of the five latest reports from Broadcast Newsroom Computing.   Clicking on any headline takes you right to the publishers site.

Below is a Boxnet widget with whitepapers and others files developed from posts on BNC.  There is also some R&C promotional material.  Click on anyone of the files and download right from the widget.

Under the widget are pages describing Broadcast Newsroom Computing and promoting Rowe and Company, LLC.

BNC What’s Up – tells you about the blog and provides a place for your comments.

Free Health Reports for iNEWS NRCS promotes services of Rowe and Company, LLC.

Skills and Talent for Hire has received little response, we assume no one likes the “laid off” label when looking for work but it’s there for anyone to post their services.

Skills For Hire precedes a link to follow BNC on Twitter.  It’s fun and a great way our  headlines show up in whatever device collects your tweets.

There’s a current calendar with bold dates when posts have been filed.   A search dialog beneath and a drop down box to choose any month since we started in January.

On the sidebar is DV News from Feedzilla.  Click a headline and read the story where it’s published.

Next is a drop down to select posts by category.  An excellent way to see subject areas we’ve covered and to filter our reports by topic.

Last on the sidebar is the blogroll and it has links to our favorite web sites and, of course, at least one promotion for Rowe and Company, LLC. 

BNC hopes increased readership we’ve witnessed means we’re offering a community service.

Next week some devices needed to live a digital life.

Patrick Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC

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