Cloud Computing First Quarter 2009 Reports Say Maturity

Who wants to play in the cloud?   There are quite a few.  It’s a geeky debate when you get cloud computing enthusiasts together.  Sort like Beta vs. VHS or television vs. radio in my opinion.  People will make the choice after the dust settles.

cnet news attempted to identify the players.

AT&T targets businesses for  networking and storage services. spent millions to play with developers and ad hoc services they require.

Dell appears to be focusing on datacenter services.

Microsoft is like “don’t leave us out” we’re looking at cloud computing.

And Google is probably saying hey, we’ve been here for you.

cnet has almost bi-weekly stories posted on cloud computing and its validity.

The debate appears more to be what use will define cloud computing.  Personally I think it will be many and varied uses.  It’s based on the Internet which remember I defined as the “cloud” at the start of this discussion.  I ask, how many ways do you use the Internet?

At least one vendor is in research and development mode dealing with cloud computing and another is already recruiting service resellers.  Broadcast Newsroom Computing is trying to provide an idea of the range of services.  We hope it indicates the state of an information utility documented as having arrived.

We want to simplify the concept of cloud computing.  For the individual look at Google offerings and for business Cisco has a huge push for corporations.  They immediately give you a taste of their Goliath size and money they have to explain it in simple multi-media style.   I like the four frame (it can’t be more) flash of the list of other players Cisco shows in its video.  To me that indicates competition is heating up.

So when the contest heats up those of us who would require services need begin thinking and watching closer.

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James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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