Cloud Computing – Our Heads Are There

When everyone is networked, and we’re on our way, cloud computing will be just as invisible and seamless as it is today.  We use the cloud unwittingly almost every day.

More services will be demanded as more people become constantly networked or connected to the Internet.  What’s going to drive the growth in cloud computing?

Well webmail is a good start.  Email addresses that never change.  How about photo and video sharing.  All the family pics can be shown from your phone but they’re really stored on a server where anyone you invite can view them.

There’s software you’ll be able to use on your handheld.  You’ll have access to your files from anywhere at anytime you have a connection.

The consumer demand is there and the Pew Research Center report documents it.

Seems like just late last year everyone decided cloud computing was the latest tech talk topic.   All of sudden we realize there are commercial, governmental, and even personal uses for the all encompassing phrase “cloud computing.”

How Stuff Works is a good place to start to learn about many things as well as cloud computing.  InformationWeek has a Guide to Cloud Computing.  A Google search returns numerous resources for learning about the cloud.

Cyber shopping is getting long in the tooth and the Internet in its 20s.  It’s all maturing and at the rate of Moore’s law.  So if you’ve got time to spare you now have resources for learning as much as you should need to know for Cloud Computing 101.  How many cyber-shoppers last December do you think realized they were cloud computing when they confirmed purchases.

There are some big players entering the game and they’ve coming up with some really exciting services.  The push is on to take advantage of Web 2.0.

Tomorrow Broadcast Newsroom Computing posts some of the major players in the cloud.

James Rowe

Rowe and Company, LLC


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